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Hello Everyone, hope your all doing well…

So I saw this tag on adhvikablog’s Blog (be sure to check it out) and even though I wasn’t tagged by anyone I thought it would be a cool tag to do as my blog is new and you guys can find out little about me….

Age: 17; It was recently birthday too

Book You Are Currently Reading: Quite a few actually: Tonight The Streets Are Ours by Leila Sales, Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone by J.K Rowling, The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga (for college), Model Misfit by Holly Smale.

Chore You Hate: All chores really but I hate WASHING DISHES the most

Dessert You Love: Errrm so hard to choose but I’ll go with BROWNIES (so yummm)

Essential start to your day: Definitely BREAKFAST. I always have to have breakfast otherwise I don’t function properly in college and life really 😛 I never understand those people that say they don’t eat breakfast ‘coz it makes them sick’

Favourite Author: At the moment I’d say VERONICA ROTH. I loved her writing style in Divergent

Gold or Silver: Silver. I looove SILVER jewellery

Height: 5 FOOT 6 INCHES I think. Maybe. Ok, I haven’t checked in a really long time (like a year or 2)

Instruments You Play: None at the moment but in the past I have done a mixture of; the TRUMPET in Year 4, the VIOLIN in Year 6 and the KEYBOARD from Year 7-9.

Job Title: Student at College (Hopefully I will be getting a part-time job soon)

Kids: Nope!!

Living Arrangement: WITH AMAZING FAM. STILL

Most Used Word/ Phrase: Errrm, maybe ‘GUESS WHAT’

Nicknames: NON REALLY. I wish I did though. Like a really cool one. Ah well

Overnight Hospital Stay: When I was 3 years old I had to stay in hospital for a couple of days for an operation on my neck

Pet Peeve: I have loads actually (I can be a bit OCD) but I’ll go with a bookish related one. I absolutely HATE CRACKED BOOK SPINES, and because nearly all my books are paperback this can be quite a problem!

Quotes I Like: Arrrghhh; this is like choosing your fav book but…I’ll go with the first 3 to come to mind:

Right or Left Handed: RIGHT

Siblings: One elder bro and 2 annoying younger sisters

Time You Woke Today: Really earlier than usual. ABOUT 6AM (Even though I don’t have college because I’m on study leave)

Unique Thing About You: I’ve fell from quite a high height when I was young but luckily didn’t break any bones (and still haven’t still this date) Yup, I’m pretty tough; secretly Superwomen 😛

Veg You Love: Quite a few actually. Aubergines, Cauliflower, Potatoes Sweetcorn, Carrots….but I can’t stand Tomatoes. Errgh!

Worst Habit: I buy more books than I can actually read. TBR pile is a lot larger than my READ pile 😦

X-Rays You Have Had: Non that I can remember but probably had some when I was younger, Maybe 😦

Yummy Food You Make: I’m not really a chef but I can make CHOC CAKESMILE

Zodiac Sign: TAURUS

So that’s the tag I hope you had fun getting to know a bit about me. I won’t tag anybody but if your reading this then definately do this tag.

I would love to read more about my followers and also be sure to leave your comments down below telling me something about you…



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