Hello, My name is Zainab. I am a 18 year old student at sixth form with a love for reading. On my blog I will be posting book reviews, hauls, recommendations and lots more bookish fun so why not join the party (all book lovers welcome)

I read Teen/Young Adult books of mostly the Dystopian/Sci-Fi genre but I also love to read Coming of Age and Contemporary books too!


I am 18 years old Law Student. I live in the Manchester area of England. I mostly shop for books at my fav store in the whole world: THE WORKS!! My all time favourite book has to be The Illuminae Files by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff.


Gmail: teenbooklit@gmail.com





27 thoughts on “About

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    That looks like so much fun! You know, maybe Bethie thinks that being number 1 is only reserved for Him. That sounds so spiritual doesn't it? (Smile) It was probably just a case of Miss-Blonder-Than-She-Pays-To-Be! Gotta love her, only she would play with a skirt on! You all look like you had a great time- You guys all need to relax like that!


    • TeenBookLit101 says:

      Awww thats so kind of you
      Of course ill check your blog out now πŸ™‚
      Good luck with your new blog i look forward to future posts
      Welcome to the community everyones really nice here xxxx πŸ™‚


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