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Discussion: Bookish Pet Peeves

So I have seen this topic being discussed a lot around the book community so I decided to share my own bookish pet peeves with you all.

Although we can be real nerds when it comes to books it doesn’t always mean we don’t have any complaints…

  1. Cover Matching

We all know that the bookshelf needs to be pretty. But it doesn’t help when publishing companies decide to change the covers of books in between a series. Or when you have the movie edition for a first book in a series and you have the buy the rest of the series in the original covers because that movie hasn’t come out yet.

  1. Paperbacks, Hardbacks.

When I’m buying a series I like them all to be in the same format. The trouble is when you discover a series that is half complete and you buy paperback but then a new book in the series comes out and you can only get a hardcover it really bugs me as you have to wait until the paperback comes out…which can be months.

  1. CRACKED SPINES!! (Just Why)

My worst nightmare. As I live in the UK most books are paperbacks and I can never open the book fully without the fear of breaking the spine. Some books have really well done binding and can open fully to sit on its spine rather than bending back as you open the book. Why can’t all books be like this?

  1. Heights…

When paperbacks in a series don’t have matching heights. Why??

  1. Which Order Do I Read?

When I’m in a book store or at the library I constantly have to look up books on my phone to see if it’s in a series and if I just picked up a book from the middle of the series and read the synopsis I just got spoilt.

  1. Faces on Covers? Nope

I would like to imagine the characters myself thank you very much!

  1. Synopsis?

When books include a review instead of what the book is actually about. I mean hello I can judge the book myself if you give me the synopsis.

  1. Age Ratings

I feel like publishers should give a guideline age for the book. It would help a lot. Like really.

  1. Movies Before Books

When you read a book after the movie/TV show comes out then you are forced to imagine that actor’s face as the character.


Need I explain? Just DON’T!!

 Let me know in the comments if you relate to any of these and be sure to share your own bookish pet peeves…