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A Little Update:

Hey guys I hope your all doing well. You may be wondering why my blog has been empty for the past several months. This is because I was in my final year at college which kept me very busy and on my toes most the time. However, I am glad to say that I am now on summer break will be giving a lot of time to my blog and to kick start it once again I decided to create a #Bookstagram and Twitter account. 

My New Social Media:

I will be regulary posting some snazzy booksish posts so stay tuned. I hope you guys check it out (Instagram: teenbooklit101) (Twitter: teenbooklit101

Please feel free to leave your social media links in the comments as I would love to follow you guys. 

See Ya All Soon…


The Illuminae Files# 3 Title Reveal and Competition

I’m Back (just for a while):

Hey guys hope your all well. Long time no see I know. I’d like to say I have been busy reading or revising away for my upcoming A Level exams but I haven’t. To be honest I have just been lazy with life in general but I’m hoping to get back into a regular blogging routine once exams are done with.

Title Reveal:

ANYWAYS today I have great news for all Illuminae fans out there. The third book’s title has finally been revealed. *drum rolls*…..


Now I hope we can agree the colour of the cover will not be black but I am personally hoping for a spacey purple. Some say green, I guess that will look good too, Let me know in the comments section what colour you want it to be.

However there is some bad news before I get onto the competition section. Many of you may know that the original release date was Fall 2017 however the release date has now been pushed back to March 2018. All I can say to this is I hope it’s worth the 1 and 1/2 year wait. It better be. JOKES. But my expectations are really high for this finale.


So Jay Kristoff recently posted a block post on his blog announcing an epic competition. Just like he and Amie Kaufman did last time for Gemina, they are offering us fans the chance to have our names as part of the casualty list for Obsidio.Yayyy for being killed. Jokes…. This competition is open internationally and ends 1st May 2017 at Noon PST.

Rules and How to Enter:

1.Pre Order a copy of Obsidio Here’s all the pre order links that are currently open:

Barnes and Noble
Book Depository



2. Send proof of purchase to:

3. Along with proof of purchase you will need to provide you full name and a declaration that you give permission for your name to be used in the book. Just copy and paste the following passage and add your name into it.

My name is [insert your name here]. I confirm I am freely agreeing to the use of my name in the series The Illuminae Files. This permission is for all rights and uses, in perpetuity, and I agree I will receive no compensation for the use of my name. I agree the authors and publishers are not obligated to make any corrections or changes to my name in reprints.

A Summary:





Jay Kristoff’s Blog

That’s all for today. I’d love for a discussion in the comments section below about your thoughts on the third book and the competition or anything book related or anything in general really.

See ya soon


This Is Who I Am Book Tour|TeenBookLit101

On Friday 6th June I attended the ‘This is Who I Am’ book tour on its last stop in Waterstones Deansgate.

The ‘This is Who I am Book Tour’ started on Monday 6th June until Friday 10th June with authors Harriet Reuter Hapgood and Leila sales attending Waterstones bookstores all around the UK bringing many guest authors with them.

The event started with the authors talking about the books and a chance for the audience to ask questions. Then there was a chance at the end of the show to sign books.

Ckm1vZ9XIAAT0uO.jpg large

I got to meet 4 amazing authors: Harriet Reuter Hapgood, Leila Sales, Sara Barnard and Melinda Salisbury. It was such a great event and we had the chance to have a little chat with each of the authors too. Thank you so much to all the authors. I feel so happy. HeHe xx

Collage 2016-06-15 20_42_35

Hopefully I will be able to attend further events in the future and share them with you but for now be sure to leave a comment below. Do you love any of these authors? Did you attend the event yourself? What events have you or are planning to attend? Or anything else really, I love reading comments.


The Square Root of Summer by Harriet Reuter Hapgood

Tonight The Streets Are Ours and This Song Will Save Your Life by Leila Sales

Beautiful Broken Things by Sara Barnard

The Sin Eater’s Daughter series by Melinda Salisbury

5 Places to get DISCOUNTED and FREE Books|TeenBookLit101

We all love books but there’s always a problem when it comes to book buying. MONEY. Books can be expensive and sometimes we just can’t afford all the books we want (the whole store really). But fear no more! Today I’ll be sharing my favourite book shops that sell books for those with a budget perfect for students just like myself.


1. The Works

The Works is my all-time favourite place to shop. They have the best deals on books and most box sets (e.g. The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner e.t.c.) can be purchased on an average of only £10. They also do single books on average of £3. The do many special deals such as 3 for £5 on books. You can shop online if there isn’t a local store near you with free delivery on orders over £20. Not only do they sell books they do arts and craft items and even stationary for school. They have a Rewards Card system too in which you can gain 5 points for every full £1 you spend in store and an extra 50 points when you sign up. Each point gives you a penny off and at the end of 3 months you are emailed your voucher to spend on books.

the works

2. The Book People

This store is very similar to The Works. They have local stores around the country but also an online on. There isn’t a store near my local area but the online store has great variety and even greater prices. They do amazing trilogies for as little as £5 and free delivery on orders over £25.

the book people


20160509_104938Now this one always surprises everyone but yes ASDA sells books. You’ll find in your local ASDA that they have a section on books usually near the magazines aisle. They will have a section for New Releases and one for Top Chart Books all at great deals. You can get Hardbacks for around half the RRP usually £5-7 and Paperbacks are usually on a 2 for £7 offer or £4 each. I usually pick up new popular releases from here.



Scholastic is a great online shopping service that sells books at a discounted price. They have all the new releases too. You may recognise them from school fairs as they usually come to schools all over England to sell books at really great offers. They sell mostly Children’s, Teens and YA books.


5. Overdrive

If you are signed up with your local library you may be aware of Overdrive. This is a place where you borrow eBooks through your library account for FREE. All you have to do is sign up with your library details and you can borrow eBooks any time, all the time! There’s also an app available on the App Store and Play Store so you can read your book through your phone too.


OverDrive on Google Play Store  

OverDrive on the Apple App Store

So that’s the list. Be sure to try one of the places in this post and let me know what deals you managed to get on your favourite books in the comments by clicking on ‘Leave a Comment’ near the top of this post.

[Disclaimer: I just want to let everyone know that I have NOT been sponsored by the above co-operations to list their sites in this post. These are all my own personal opinions as I use these sites to shop from.]