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We all love books but there’s always a problem when it comes to book buying. MONEY. Books can be expensive and sometimes we just can’t afford all the books we want (the whole store really). But fear no more! Today I’ll be sharing my favourite book shops that sell books for those with a budget perfect for students just like myself.


1. The Works

The Works is my all-time favourite place to shop. They have the best deals on books and most box sets (e.g. The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner e.t.c.) can be purchased on an average of only £10. They also do single books on average of £3. The do many special deals such as 3 for £5 on books. You can shop online if there isn’t a local store near you with free delivery on orders over £20. Not only do they sell books they do arts and craft items and even stationary for school. They have a Rewards Card system too in which you can gain 5 points for every full £1 you spend in store and an extra 50 points when you sign up. Each point gives you a penny off and at the end of 3 months you are emailed your voucher to spend on books.

the works


2. The Book People

This store is very similar to The Works. They have local stores around the country but also an online on. There isn’t a store near my local area but the online store has great variety and even greater prices. They do amazing trilogies for as little as £5 and free delivery on orders over £25.

the book people



20160509_104938Now this one always surprises everyone but yes ASDA sells books. You’ll find in your local ASDA that they have a section on books usually near the magazines aisle. They will have a section for New Releases and one for Top Chart Books all at great deals. You can get Hardbacks for around half the RRP usually £5-7 and Paperbacks are usually on a 2 for £7 offer or £4 each. I usually pick up new popular releases from here.





Scholastic is a great online shopping service that sells books at a discounted price. They have all the new releases too. You may recognise them from school fairs as they usually come to schools all over England to sell books at really great offers. They sell mostly Children’s, Teens and YA books.



5. Overdrive

If you are signed up with your local library you may be aware of Overdrive. This is a place where you borrow eBooks through your library account for FREE. All you have to do is sign up with your library details and you can borrow eBooks any time, all the time! There’s also an app available on the App Store and Play Store so you can read your book through your phone too.


OverDrive on Google Play Store  

OverDrive on the Apple App Store


So that’s the list. Be sure to try one of the places in this post and let me know what deals you managed to get on your favourite books in the comments by clicking on ‘Leave a Comment’ near the top of this post.

[Disclaimer: I just want to let everyone know that I have NOT been sponsored by the above co-operations to list their sites in this post. These are all my own personal opinions as I use these sites to shop from.]